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Why does your school need an integrated GRC system ?

Every school, regardless of size must have an auditable risk management process.

The benefits of implementing good risk management processes are clear. In its publication 'Worth the Risk' (2001), The Audit Commission summarised the following range of benefits:

  • increased focus on what needs to be done (and not done) to meet objectives

  • more satisfied stakeholders

  • better management of change programmes

  • more calculated/innovative risk taking

  • fewer complaints

  • better controlled insurance costs

  • improved quality of learning environment

  • better ability to justify actions taken

  • delivery of Best Value

  • getting things right first time more often i.e. less waste.

More specifically, effective risk management at schools will reduce:

  • disruption of children's education

  • damage to a school's reputation

  • the negative effect of incidents on staff and pupils' morale

  • time lost in reacting to incidents, handling claims etc.

  • the stress and anxiety that always accompanies accidents and losses

  • the cost of insurance cover as premiums reflect claims history

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